About Us

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HGMC Supply, Inc. was established in June 2005 to specialize in steel services for construction.

An early opportunity came with the new Indianapolis International Airport construction. As HG Metals, the company successfully delivered truckloads of steel and aluminum material for several trade contractors. It also built and installed 1/4 mile of 2-line steel guard railing along the road coming away from the Main Terminal building.

HGMC Supply, Inc. as HG Metals and as GARDNER Construction continue to provide steel fabrication and installation services on high-visibility projects.

Examples are Lucas Oil Stadium and, more recently, the JW Marriott Hotel Complex in downtown Indianapolis. Participation on these and other projects help project Owners' Supplier Diversity goals. HGMC Supply, Inc. is certified MBE, WBE, and DBE.

Our portfolio of public- and private-sector jobs are growing. In its first 5 years of operation, the Company has completed more than 120 jobs. Several of these are showcased in the projects section.

HGMC Supply, Inc. maintains appropriate credentials and certifications for performing steel and general construction services, and for compliance with its Clients' safety and quality control programs. These credentials include Indianapolis-Marion County General Contractor License, State of Indiana Certificate of Qualification for Public Works, and Welding Process certifications. The workforce is also appropriately certified.

Notable Clients:

  • Bright Sheet Metal, Inc.

  • Geiger & Peters, Inc.

  • Hagerman, Inc.

  • Hammerts Ironworks

  • Indiana Bridge, Inc.

  • Keystone Construction Corporation

  • Midwest Constructors, LLC.

  • Turner Construction Company

  • Verkler, Inc.